Al-Hidayah (Meaning)

Al-Hidayah means: The Guidance - Guiding and leading on the right way with kindness until one reaches the goal.


The School motto ‘Quest for Knowledge’ was chosen to remind the students that they should not take their education and the acquiring of knowledge for granted, that the seeking of beneficial knowledge is our duty as Muslims requiring effort and sacrifice, and that it does not begin and end at the School gate.


Welcome to Al-Hedayah School


Al-Hedayah School is pleased to inform parents and our community that it aims to develop as a community with teachers, children and parents going forward hand in hand, while fostering in students high moral values and total integrity of character as taught by Islam.

Al-Hedayah School is located in Strathcona Drive SW temporarily, hoping to have, in the near future, Insha’Allah a spacious building. Our curriculum will be balanced, matched to the needs of each student.

Through the study of Arabic and Islamic studies, students will develop respect for, pride in and an understanding of their unique culture and heritage as well or the value of other cultures. We will make our school Insha'Allah, stand and be a leader in our city.


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